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Die Gewinner der ersten Runde von Hoki´s Limerick Contest stehen fest!

Wir haben drei gleichwertige Champions, die stolz auf ihre kreativen und witzigen Beiträge sein können. Congratulations!


Ninety years ago there was Nat.
She was pretty and young, but fat.
All the men loved Nat -
But she killed them - sad.
They were mice - and she was a cat.

(Elsa Hoppe, 7d)


I´ll soon go to lovely Ancona
Together with my Auntie Fiona.
There´re many things to do
Let me give you a clue –
It´s a dream because of Corona.

(Carla Heiland, 7d)


When I can see a wonderful tree,
My heart goes light, and I feel free.
Through the leaves sun does shine,
This makes me feel awfully fine,
It could stay like this until eternity.

(Antonia Zechel, 8d)


Let´s go on! We are looking forward to the next round!

Submit your limerick by Wednesday, 17 May 2020 to englisch[at]

Keep calm and carry on! -  Your English teachers :-)



A limerick is a funny little poem that contains five lines. The most famous author of limericks was Edward Lear (A Book of Nonsense, 1843). He wrote more than 200 of them.

Limericks have a very special rhythm and rhyme pattern.

The rhyme pattern is [AABBA] and the rhythm pattern [da DUM da da DUM da da DUM].



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